A Christmas Stocking’s Story book with CD




A Christmas Stocking’s Story book with CD, published by The Scribe’s Closet Publication and illustrated by LaVonia Corbin McQuitty, was released on October 19, 2012.

This is my second endeavor to produce an educational, entertaining book for young children. As with the first book, each illustrated page demonstrates two lines of the song being sung by the "Stocking". The "Stocking" relates "his" story of being discarded by a wealthy boy and found by a little poor boy that uses "him" as a marble bag. Because of financial difficulties, at Christmas time, the "Stocking"" is embroidered with Berry’s name and becomes Berry’s Christmas stocking. The lesson is to be all you can be regardless of the circumstances of your life. The book and postage is $15.00 in the USA; overseas and Canada price is $16.00.