Brief Story Behind The Writing Of
"The Little Brown Dog And The Little Green Frog"


"The Little Brown Dog and the Little Green Frog" was written in l968, a year of unrest in the United States. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., had been assassinated in the spring of the year, and Robert Kennedy was murdered later on that year. There was much racial turmoil in our country. My nephews and my niece were very small at the time, and I wanted to write something that they could identify with at a young age-something that they might find entertaining but at the same time might teach them a lesson about how people should overlook differences and learn to get along with one another. "The Little Brown Dog and the Little Green Frog" is the result of my attempt to accomplish both goals. I never intended to sing the song to anyone except my nephews and niece, but over the years, with the exception of "Far-Side Banks of Jordan," it has become the most requested song that I've written.